I write because I am

What’s your story? Are you the Hero, or are you struggling along in Supporting Character land? A simple mindstate shift could be the one thing preventing you from living – and writing – the story you were born to.

As I’ve grown as a writer I’ve found that a lot of the skills overlap into other areas of life. My intention with this site (beyond showcasing my prowess with prose) is to show you how to integrate the skills of writing so you can live a life of mindfulness and abundance – a life worth writing about.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links on this site and in my blog are affiliate links. Should you decide to make a purchase after clicking through the link, I will earn a commission (at no cost to you!). Anything I recommend I do so because it has provided value to me, and I think you will get value from them as well. However, please do not spend any money on anything unless you feel you need it or that it will help you achieve your goals.

Write well, fellow readers!

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