eastertide/midsummer poetry & haiku

silhouette of trees during golden hour

Does anyone else feel like summer is basically over as soon as July rolls around?

For me, July feels like the last Saturday before the first day of school.

Anyway, here’s some poetry and haiku that moved through me over the past two seasons as I experienced my own Eastertide, my own rebirth. Like I said yesterday, good or bad, these are my honest expressions of these experiences.

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one spring night
service dog shows me Unity
in their sad sunday eyes

i want to write poem about plastic bag
tangled in tree’s bare branches
but spring wind blows cold thru window
& tells me no
because it would take me away from
the Self in every thing

i just heard God’s whisper
i mean the Universe   
                    no, too big
the Unknown –
                    no, too vague
It will never be defined
not because It doesn’t exist
but because It predates definition
how could you define light
if you’ve only lived in darkness

you again
spliff shared in the night
hollow eyes filled with spirits so familiar
kiss my knuckles & hold them to your forehead
a taste remembered
does he understand your sadness?
or is he just the next best thing?
it doesn’t matter tonight –
at least i got to meet
you again

you looked like a ghost in your mom’s blue bathrobe
the one she’ll ne’er wear again

fear crept thru Original Thought
so i could write this down –
no –
just squirrel

at liberty & herron feeling some kinda way –
& already language has ruined it
i t w a s b e y o n d p e r f e c t
& i am devastated
that i cannot describe what it means to see Divinity
so look to approximations
look to what you love
(your child
your art
your partner
your pet
your sunrise
your sunset)
& do away with judgment –
realize everyone is always you
doing the best they can
in a world encouraging belief in separation

soft april rain on penn overwhelms
blue eyes calls me pluviophile

i love learning new words
almost as much as i love married women –

not in ignorance –
but because i can love without expectations

to love on the surface is easy
but i cannot breathe under it

this mad mex bathroom reminds me of you
maybe it’s the graffiti
maybe it’s the window
maybe it’s may’s first rain
maybe it’s the commencement all around
& how you came to me
when i was graduating to another level of understanding
of Love
of Self
of All That Is
i don’t think i would have called It that then
but that’s what i’m calling It now –
Godbless those who understand energy more than words

i delight in your laughter
even if i don’t cause it anymore

i gave myself an impossible challenge with you
one i ne’er wanted –
no wonder i failed

i’ll never forget
your smile shining
on the day when first our eyes met

i regret nothing
except maybe
the timing
& the times
i let anxiety get the better of us
but i will never regret
sleepy sunday mornings
& the warm pasadena wind
blowing thru open windows

why does this feel like my first summer without you?
because i’m finally ready to open up as the world opens up
to let go
it’s not sad –
not always –
like how lonely isn’t always sad
it just is
it is what we were meant to be:
alone, but not lonely
when you realize the Universe was made for you to play in you can never be lonely

my skin still holds the sun from the shore where the sky curved on

maybe now –
in a new space –
i’ll stop finding your hair
on my old things

be aware of judgment & know
it cannot come from you
judgment can only ever come from ego
not even God can judge
because They are Love
Love cannot judge
Love only loves

as God created you
so too do you create ego
& when you shift your perspective
from identifying
to observing
you see fear surrounds ego –
it does not want you to stop identifying
because to ego that means death
you must learn to parent ego
to love it
& that may be challenging if you were loved by traumatized parents
(you were)
but when you love ego
you see the Light of God in you

“you have beautiful biracial eyes” –
finally seen
in friendship park

to be peaceful
in every moment
is strength

Happy Sunday, dear reader! May it be a day filled with peace and happiness <3

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