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Raise your hand if you think mutlitasking is a good thing.

What’s that? You’re too busy doing too many things to raise your hand? Oof…

It’s an almost-expected part of living in modern society, but if we want to achieve the states of flow we were talking about yesterday we need to pump the breaks on multitasking and give mono-tasking a try.

Mono-tasking is focusing on one task at a time, and it can reduce stress and make us more productive.

This doesn’t have to be an all-the-time thing, and I don’t really think it’s possible today unless you’re a monk or a goat, but it can be quite relaxing to give your brain a break from bouncing from task to task.

Again, we are left without a writing prompt from Five Minutes in the Morning, but an activity is suggested, and it’s still a five-minute activity so I guess it all shakes out:

Think of something to do – read a report, listen to the radio, clean out a cabinet – whatever appeals.

Put away your phone and other technological distractions and spend the next five minutes doing that one thing and absolutely nothing else.

Five Minutes in the Morning
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Put your phone down, it won’t be that baaaad (I’m not sorry)

Try mono-tasking today, dear reader, and let me know how it goes in the comments below!

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