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There are few feelings better than being in a state of flow.

Maybe you call it being in the zone. Maybe you simply say I’m in it.

Whatever you call it, you know exactly the feeling I’m talking about. Time disappears. The worries that usually rattle around your brain go still. There isn’t anything or anyone else in the world. All else fades except the object or activity upon which you’re focused.

I’ve experienced this while writing, dancing and (oddly enough) cleaning. What’s an activity where you can be totally in it?

Again, there’s no prompt from Five Minutes in the Morning, but the book does share some helpful tips to achieve your own state of flow:

  • Do something you enjoy for its own sake instead of for what you achieve by doing it. Many people reach a state of flow when they’re running, for example, but you will never get there if you only run because it helps you lose weight.
  • Choose something sufficiently challenging to keep you focused, but not so hard that it requires too much conscious effort. Repetitive tasks, such as swimming lengths or coloring, work well.
  • Know why you’re doing it – opt for something that aligns with your core goals and values.
  • Eliminate all other distractions. You will never achieve flow if you are listening for the beep of your distance counter or phone alert, so leave all the gadgetry behind.

What helps you get in the zone, dear reader? Share in the comments below!

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