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“From an early age, I learned to focus on the things I was good at and delegate to others what I was not good at.”

Richard Branson

Today, Five Minutes in the Morning encourages us to revisit last week’s post about how you spend your time to find tasks to eliminate and tasks to delegate.

Which tasks are time-consuming and yet well-defined? Those are the tasks that Tim Ferriss (author of The 4-Hour Work Week) claims those are the best tasks to delegate.

Use your five minutes today to see if you can shave off an hour a week from your tasks. That’s an hour you could spend doing something fun, like enjoying the nicer weather or marathoning the latest Disney+ show.

If you’re one of those people who thinks it’s better to do something yourself than explain how things are done to a newbie, remember you don’t have to change everything all at once. Pick something small, something that you can organize handing over today, or that you can schedule in time to eliminate.

Here are some examples of tasks to eliminate:

  • Schedule 30 minutes a week to unsubscribe from unwanted emails
  • Decide to put a time limit on your meetings and always have an agenda
  • Stop having to-do lists all over the house/your phone. Designate one place and format

Here are some examples of tasks to delegate:

  • Outsource research
  • Delegate household chores, with rewards for everyone
  • Ask a friendly school parent to share the school run

Here’s what I wrote:

How could I save myself an hour this week?

I could schedule my insta posts, or not post @ all. If it’s going to be steadily warmer I could ride to work instead of walk. That would save me ~20 minutes a day, which equals 100 minutes a week.


There’s not really anything @ work I can delegate – I’m still new, technically, & there’s not really any chores or household tasks I can delegate because this isn’t my house.

There are some emails I could unsubscribe from, but it’s not like I open them anyway.

I can become aware of how I learn & implement more of those scenarios.

What’s something you can eliminate or delegate this week dear reader? Feel free to share in the comments below, and happy Monday!

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