how do you spend your time?

shallow focus of clear hourglass

“This moment is all there is.”

– Rumi

While it’s true that time and its measurements are just made-up things we’ve all agreed are real, there’s no denying that managing your time wisely can help you achieve your goals and dreams.

Barring the occasional equinox, you have the same amount of time each day to do whatever it is your lil heart desires. What you actually do is really all that changes from one day to the next. Even if you’re a living god trapped in a time loop you’re gonna want to shake things up after a little while.

If you’re not a living god, you can still make use of the time available to you each day, and Five Minutes in the Morning provides us with a prompt to do just that.

Ask yourself: how did you spend your time yesterday?

Spend five minutes (or more!) writing down everything you did and how long you spent doing it. What was a complete waste of time (sitting on the toilet playing Kwazy Cupcakes for so long that you started going again?)? What’s something you would have liked to spend more time on (finally getting on the quarantine bread-baking trend?)? What can you do today that will bring you one step closer to spending your time more wisely (uninstalling all your dating apps and learning to love yourself before you go ruin another person’s life with your unresolved trauma?)?

Here’s what I wrote:

How did I spend my time yesterday?

I slept in, but it was a Saturday so that was fine, & I was even able to write the prompt & do the Lesson from ACIM.

I went to work. I could have made phone calls on the way, but I made those later, & they weren’t time-sensitive. I want to start getting there early. There’s a lot of clerical things I need to do before the actual work starts. I love that it’s steady. I worked for a while, then I left & wandered.

I was only planning on doing that & that’s what happened. I went to put money on my connectcard & noticed I already had enough but I put more on anyway, & because of that I missed a bus. I wasn’t upset; my only plan was to wander, but I was aware of the fact that had I not taken the time to put money on the card – to spend money – I would have made the bus. Again, no big deal! I wandered & got a GINORMOUS piece of pizza @ Benny Fierro’s.

It was a fine day & on days where I wander I don’t want to make it a habit to make sure I’m using my time well. The point of wandering is to wander, to get lost & think & arrive wherever I will, & that’s exactly how I spent yesterday.

How about you, dear reader? How did you spend your time yesterday? Feel free to share in the comments below!

Oh, and if you happened to stumble upon this site today while trapped in an inescapable time loop, thanks for stopping by! What do you have planned for the rest of eternity? Maybe today’s the day you’ll learn that choreographed dance routine and terrorize the regulars at your local bar. I hear Jack’s is open.

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