february poetry & haiku

road between pine trees

Welcome to the last Sunday of February, dear reader! I hope it finds you well.

It’s raining today, as if the world is washing away all the accumulated filth of the past month. I hope it was a transformative one for you.

I’ve decided to dedicate the last Sunday of each month to poetry and haiku. Sometimes it will be new stuff, sometimes it will be old, sometimes it might even be the words of my favorite writers. Sundays seem like the perfect day to spend near a window, reading by the day’s grey light.

I hope you do something that is equally peaceful.

what do i fear
e v e r y t h i n g
even the fear of not having anything to fear –
what an insane idea!

the full moon came today
& then you left
the sky
& i
cried all day

birds sing spring’s song
someone swings alone
& i redefine regret
returning keys to doors that were never locked
at least not by you

i loved our life together
i just didn’t love me
& i now know how unfair it was
to look for that love in you
you just have so much

every day after the crash was a miracle
but i wanted to see only grievances instead of anything eternal

now i sit near the river
watching a winged bug crawl along the rusted i-beam
as a new hospital is built across the water
for a doctor who can cure blindness
may i see from a higher perspective

my brain knows regret blocks the light of forgiveness in me
only the ego regrets
because only the ego compares
my brain knows could i have acted any differently
i would have
but right now my heart hurts
because your love was perfect
but i wasn’t

the Self
blocked by the little i
knows my problems are already solved

eyes tired –
from crying?
from seeing from a higher perspective?

the daylight came thru clouded skies
i knew miracles are seen in light

Have a glorious Sunday, dear reader! Remember the rebirth of spring is contained in each raindrop.

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