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Happy Friday, dear reader! Thanks for coming along with me for another week of writing prompts from Five Minutes in the Morning.

I know there haven’t been many prompts this week, and today is no different, but there will be more next week! I’ve actually appreciated this brief reprieve from prompts as I’ve been finding a balance between my work life, my personal life and my creative life, which brings us to today’s post.

Creativity is essential for solving problems, be they professional or personal. It might seem easier to be more creative in certain areas of your life than others, but magical things can happen when you bring that creativity to ALL areas.

Five Minutes in the Morning offers the following ideas to boost creativity:

  • Create a positive environment
    Who and what we’re surrounded by affects our mood, so make sure the things around you are building you up and not tearing you down.
  • Change your perspective
    How would your best friend or partner look at a current challenge you’re facing?
  • Ask What if…?
    Think of a recent development and consider how different it would have played out had you made a different choice each step of the way. Don’t get too caught up in this line of thinking though – what’s done is done.
  • Improvise
    Take a page from the folks on Whose Line Is It Anyway? and think on your feet. Too much over-preparing can dull your creative shine.

Like I said, I have no prompt to share today, but I wanted to share a picture of my cubicle. I’ve never had a cubicle and I was v excited to decorate it and make it a happy, creative space:

That’s Franklin on the right. He’s a Sansevieria

How do you boost your creativity, dear reader? Let me know in the comments below, and have a wonderful weekend!

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