notice your dreams

selective focus photo of brown dreamcatcher

“I am a daydreamer and a night thinker.”

– Unknown

Sometimes I think our dreams are lessons.

Sometimes I think they’re visions from other realities.

Sometimes I think they’re just mental noise.

It’s possible that they are all of these things, and I’m not an expert to say one way or the other.

What I do know is that our subconscious comes alive while we dream, and it’s our subconscious mind that solves problems.

There’s no prompt from Five Minutes in the Morning for today, other than the charge to keep track of your dreams. Try it for a week, and don’t be too concerned with deciphering their meanings. Instead, be aware of any patterns, themes or symbols.

For example, dreams of falling are associated with letting go, fear of failure or losing control. Water in your dream could represent the unconscious, and the state of the water could reflect your state of mind. Or it could just mean that you have to pee.

Being naked in a dream can symbolize your vulnerability, or how you’re revealing yourself to others. It could also reflect a desire to be noticed.

Missing a train, bus or important meeting or test could be tied to some big decisions in your waking life. Tests themselves can represent self-reflection – are you putting a part of yourself under a microscope?

For more information about dream interpretation, click here, but I want to offer a caveat: the only interpreter of your dreams is you. It’s fine to look to dream dictionaries for guidance, but you’re the real expert of your dreams.

Dream on, dear reader!

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