brain teasers

crop little girl holding metal knot teaser

I don’t think I understand the point of brain teasers.

I’m more concerned with getting the “right” answer than I am with figuring out the particular tease. I’m guessing this is a holdover from my old ideas about needing to know everything.

Brain teasers can help when we’re trying too hard to figure something out. By giving our brains something else completely unrelated to focus on, we give it the space to find solutions.

There’s no writing prompt for today, but Five Minutes in the Morning does present some brain teasers to get you thinking in different ways such as:

  • Recite the days of the week backward, then in alphabetical order.
  • List two objects for each letter of your name. Repeat daily, adding more objects each day.
    Reptiles, rodeos
    Oatmeal, orangutans
    Slurpees, subways
    Satellites, streams
  • Draw a map of your neighborhood, with as many streets and landmarks as possible.

For 101 more brain teasers from Parade, click here. Try one this morning and see what your brain comes up with later today!

And happy hump day!

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