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Today, Five Minutes in the Morning presents us with three questions to ask ourselves:

  • What is the current situation that’s causing me a problem?
  • What would I like the situation to be?
  • What is standing in my way?

Now, write down your answers to each. The book uses exhaustion as an example:

  • I am exhausted.
  • I would like to have more energy.
  • I have too much to do when I get home, so there is no time to relax and get to bed early.

Answer these questions for your specific challenge. Be specific, and keep your answers factual.

Here’s how I answered these questions, and some reflection afterward:

What is the current situation causing me a problem?

The dogma of religion affecting how I see God.

What would I like the situation to be?

I would like to not picture a bearded, vengeful, patriarchal figure in the sky & instead see the Love & Light that is there instead.

What is standing in my way?

My own obsession with words & meanings & old beliefs that were never mine.

Maybe there’s a documentary about this I could find. I could talk with my spiritual friends. I could examine if I actually want to be held up in this because then I would have a reason to be a victim. I learned victimhood early, but that’s not a belief that was ever mine. I don’t need that. I would lay it aside & awake to my salvation, which has always been inside me & never in any thing outside me, like words.

How did you answer your questions, dear reader? Feel free to share in the comments below!

And happy hump day!

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