draw a picture & take it one step at a time

diligent small girl drawing on paper in light living room at home

When challenges feel too big to overcome at once, try breaking them down into smaller challenges. Those solutions to smaller challenges will add up to help you overcome the bigger ones.

As this a blog about rewriting your story, I’m obvi going to recommend writing it all out. However, Five Minutes in the Morning suggests drawing something called an Ishikawa diagram.

Also known as a fishbone diagram, it’s a method of mapping out solutions.

Start by drawing a circle or square around the challenge on the right side of the paper. Draw a line out to the left from that – this is the fish’s backbone. Then you draw lines off this backbone. These “bones” are the main cause of whatever the challenge is. Those causes likely have sub-causes of their own. Keep going until you’ve exhausted all the causes.

Take a step back and look at the diagram as a whole. The small solutions add together to help you solve the original challenge.

Here’s what I mapped out:

Try drawing an Ishikawa diagram today to find solutions to your challenges!

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