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Problems are unavoidable.

We can resist all we want, but something will always come our way to disrupt our peace. That’s just the way of things.

That doesn’t mean we can’t improve our relationship with how we handle problems, and the first step to improving this relationship is recognizing that a problem exists in the first place.

Like I always say, awareness is the key to e v e r y t h i n g.

Pay attention to your triggers, and you’ll begin to see where problems exist. Five Minutes in the Morning offers the following ways to help you recognize the problems in your life:

  • You feel frustrated
  • You keep having the same conversations over and over
  • You know something has to change
  • You begin to see a pattern from which you want to break away

Today, spend five minutes focusing on the areas of your life where these four points pop up.

You don’t have to judge, you don’t have to act. Simply observing the problems is the first step to its solution.

Here’s what I wrote:

Frustration about the way information is taught @ work. I was aware of this yesterday so it’s quite apropos that this is the prompt for today. I don’t like not knowing. I’ve not even been there a month & I want to know everything. I understand that’s not how it works.

Such a heavy focus was placed on intelligence as a child – I remember my mother getting me tested at the nearby university, then being dismissive of my elementary school’s gifted program and its kids when I wasn’t accepted. I don’t remember ever being concerned one way or the other, & I now realize we are all gifted in our own ways.

I’m also frustrated with HOW the new info is disseminated @ work, but I know that’s the little i being a whiny bitch.

Happy Friday dear reader! I hope it is free of problems. Enjoy your weekend, and stay warm!

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