what went well yesterday?

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“Optimism is a choice.”

– Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

I think it feels odd to praise ourselves because to do so we have to stand so close to the shadow of arrogance.

It’s often easier to judge ourselves – and others – (often harshly) for what we didn’t do well, or what we didn’t accomplish.

Do you ever feel good when you judge yourself or others in this way?

If the answer is no, then that’s a clear indicator that that feeling did not come from you but from the ego.

For five minutes today, turn down the critical voice of the ego and focus on everything that you did accomplish yesterday – big or small.

Do this daily and watch how much your life changes.

Here’s what I wrote:

I made it to work on time. In fact, I made it to work on time every day this week.

I was aware of my fears & their illusory nature & managed to witness them from a distance. That felt good!

I was able to remember I am the light of the world, & even if I was unable to devote the recommended time to the Lesson, there were still considerable moments where I was focused on it.

I let go my worries about money, while @ the same time being aware of them.

I was able to gain the trust of my supervisor to get a key to the office.

I was able to decorate my cubicle a bit.

I became aware that the only barrier between helping people is my ignorance, or rather my fear of ignorance.

What went well for you yesterday, dear reader? Share your successes in the comments below, and have a wonderful weekend!

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