planting the seeds of your intentions

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Happy Saturday, dear reader! I hope it’s treating you well, and I’m deeply grateful that you chose to spend part of your day here in my little corner of the internet.

Saturday is the perfect day for gardening. Of course, as it’s the last weekend of Janurary it’s not the ideal time for planting garbanzo beans, but that doesn’t mean we can’t plant the seeds of some intentions.

There’s no prompt today from Five Minutes in the Morning, but there is an exercise for visualizing planting the seeds of your intentions. You’ll find it below.

When you’re visualizing, it’s important to picture as much detail as possible. For instance, as I was doing this exercise, I imagined myself barefoot. I felt the dew on the grass as it passed between my toes. The ground was warm, the way it is on summer mornings, and when I was planting my seeds I felt the dirt packing itself under my fingernails and filling in the cracks in my hands.

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Here it is:

Find a quiet place and sit or lie down.

Take a minute to focus on your breathing – count your breaths in and out.

Now imagine that you are walking into a yard. Hear the birds, notice the flowers and the trees. There is a bag of seeds in your hand. These are the seeds of your intentions, your hopes and goals. Kneel down and begin to plant the seeds in the warm soil. Water them and bless them for containing everything they need to grow and fulfill their potential.

Sit in the yard for a moment before bringing your attention slowly back to your breathing. Count your breaths in and out and then open your eyes.

Return to you yard for five minutes each morning to water your seeds and watch them grow. If any stop growing, or fail to appear, simply plant that particular seed again.

I haven’t been tending my garden as much as I’d like, but the seeds of getting my own place and contributing to the improvement of the world are f l o u r i s h i n g.

Take five minutes and try this exercise today!

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