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It is impossible to be happy when we focus on what we don’t have because all we see is scarcity.

However, just looking at life in a different way – looking with gratitude at what you do have – will bring you more of what you desire, more abundance.

Starting your day with a focus on abundance rather than lack not only empowers you to live more fully, but it also invites a boatload of positive energy.

Today, there is no prompt from Five Minutes in the Morning, per se. These are recommendations the book offers to invite positive energy into our bodies and minds:

  • Make a playlist of music that lifts your spirits and listen to it as you’re getting up. Sing and dance along!
  • Open up your body by stretching. Or try yoga!
  • Go outside and stand on the grass in your bare feet. Try this even if the ground is covered with snow!
  • Open the window, breathe deeply, and let the air in. Same as above!

I did the latter two, and I swear I could smell spring in the air. There’s nothing quiet like standing barefoot on the ground. I always feel connected to the Earth when I do.

Which one did you try today, dear reader? Do you have another method of inviting in positivity? Share your experience in the comments below!

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