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Today’s post from Five Minutes in the Morning tells us that when we align our goals with our core values, success is all but inevitable!

Set your timer for five minutes. Write down your 3 – 5 goals from the previous prompt. Beside them, write your list of values. Now, draw a line between those that connect.

Do you have any stray goals? Can you adjust them a smidgen so they align with your values?

If you can’t, consider why it’s one of your goals. Does it speak to your values?

If not, consider what its achievement will add to your life.

Here’s how my goals and values connect:

This looks like a Pittsburgh intersection

My first three goals (get my own place, get a car, improve my relationship with money) align with the value of having enough money to sustain myself. No surprise there! Being self-sufficient also aligns with my goal to improve my relationship with money. I still need to consider what it means to sustain myself.

My goal to meet 100 demons this year (through shadow work) aligns with my spiritual development and the dissolution of separation. Yay alignment!

While still vague, my goal to contribute to the improvement of the world aligns with my spiritual development, dissolving separation and creating art.

I’ve mentioned before that the most guaranteed way to improve the world is by improving yourself. As I improve myself – through spiritual development and the dissolution of separation – I will make the world a better place. In fact, I know the world is already better because I am better in the world. I may not be better consistently, but when I show up as my most authentic self, I know the world is better because of it.

I also know that any art I create – be it these words or some other expression – will improve the world. When someone reads these words and it shifts an old, unhelpful perspective, that’s improving the world.

How did your goals and values align? Let me know in the comments below!

And have a wonderful Monday, dear reader. <3

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