what are your strengths?

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When was the last time you acknowledged all the things you’re good at?

My guess? It’s been a minute.

Acknowledging our strengths gives us a confidence boost, making our success all but inevitable.

Set your timer for five minutes and list your strengths – what are you good at?

If you have trouble coming up with things, Five Minutes in the Morning offers the following tips.

  • Ask those closest to you to name three things they think you’re good at (believe them!)
  • Consider the times you feel most capable and empowered. What skills are you using? (those are things you’re good at!)
  • Recount that challenges you’ve faced and overcome. Is there a common theme? (that’s something you’re good at, too!)
  • What did you do that made you stand out as a child? You still possess that talent, even if you don’t do it anymore.
  • Don’t be bashful!

Here’s what I wrote:

I am sensitive to the moods/needs of others.

I have such a capacity for love.

I can light up a room – I’m a born performer.

I am resilient – two car crashes in three years proves that.

I believe – deep down – I am magical (if I could only get past my logical brain).

I am intuitive. I can get the sense of something or a room instantly. I’m aware of energies.

I know how to play, even if I don’t always do it.

I’m compassionate & friendly.

I can see the positives in any situation, even if the only positive is my willingness to look for the positive.

I am the life of the party.

I am comfortable with silences.

I’m not afraid to acknowledge my shortcomings (most of the time).

I am determined to see things differently.

I believe everyone has magic in them.

I know that making myself better will make the world better.

Happy Friday, dear readers. I wish you a weekend filled with love and light! <3

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