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In yesterday’s post, we looked at our deepest desires. Today, we’re going to get to the heart of the desire. We’re going to get to the why.

Look at what you wrote yesterday and choose one of the desires. Write it down again on a new piece of paper. Under that, write Why?

Listen deeply to your intuition before you answer the question. Maybe even take an additional five minutes to meditate on the why. Then, write down what your heart tells you.

Keep asking yourself Why? until you’ve finally gotten to the root of the desire. If you can do this within the five minutes set aside for this prompt, go on to another desire and repeat the process.

When you’re done, read what you wrote. You can even read it aloud if you want. Do your answers surprise you? Do they take you in new directions you hadn’t considered?

I mentioned yesterday that I intend to redo the prompt that is the basis for today’s, but here’s what I wrote going off that:

I want autonomy.


Doesn’t everyone?

Didn’t I write yesterday that I don’t want what society wants?

So why do I want autonomy?

Who is the I that wants autonomy?

Isn’t separation inherent in autonomy?

I don’t want to have anyone depending on me, to have to live up to expectations.


Why does the little i want that?

To continue the illusion of separation.

Can autonomy exist without separation?

Am I once again limited by knowledge?

I equate autonomy with solitude, & knowing that if I can have one the other naturally follows.

A lot of interesting questions came from this exercise, namely “Who is the I that wants autonomy?” This is a question I learned in my meditation group, and I’m meditating on a version of it today. I may do a more in-depth post in the future, but the basic gist is that once you notice you’re having those ruminative, spiraling thoughts, to stop and as yourself Who is the I thinking these things? Or, To whom are these thoughts appearing? These questions are vital if you want to separate your identity from your thoughts and instead become the witness to them.

What was your why, dear readers? Let me know in the comments below!

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