the big picture

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“This too shall pass.”

– Traditional adage; my grandma

Will the thing you’re worrying about still be worrying you in a year? I didn’t say any specific thing, but I know there’s something that immediately came to your mind.

If nothing came to your mind, let’s be friends. <3

We all do this, we blow the everyday worries up to gargantuan sizes, but really, how much will we be worrying about them later?

We struggle to imagine a possibility where that bothersome thing is no longer bothering us because our brains love solving problems. However, if our wonderful brains can come up with worst-case scenarios for the arguments with our bosses or the disagreements with our partners, then our brains can also come up with best-case scenarios. Not only that, but it can imagine every other scenario on the spectrum of possibilities.

I promise you that the most likely outcome is somewhere on that continuum.

Today, set your timer for five minutes and focus on one area of your life. Your career, your finances, your relationships (romantic and otherwise). Write until the timer goes, creating the.most.vibrant picture of how you want that part of your life to be. Really get into it; imagine every detail as vividly as possible. Then, imagine how you would feel, focusing on the feeling. Feeling like you already have it speeds it along to you.

I’ve shared what I originally wrote below, but while I was writing this, I tried again in a more meditative way. I manifested how I would feel if I felt relief from guilt in a specific instance. It was a lightness that felt like sleeping late on a spring afternoon, when the breeze comes through the open window, and a sunpuddle spills onto your skin.

I opened my eyes and the walls…weren’t real.

I don’t know how else to describe it – damn the limitations of language! I could see the unreality of the white plaster things in front of me. I could see it in my robe hanging from the door hinge. And even though my eyes couldn’t see the unreality in that hinge (initially), I knew it was just as unreal.

It was wild!

Anyway, here’s what I initially wrote:

I am manifesting improved finances, & I know that begins with improving my relationship with money.

I already know money is a renewable resource that comes to me all the time, & it’s abundantly clear that using it for things won’t make me happy, but I know it’s the currency of the realm, so to speak.

I’m letting go of the materialistic importance attached to it. It’s simply a tool – one of my favorite tools. One that I love & am happy when it’s around, but I know it can’t be used to its full potential by just holding on to it. So I release that which I love.

I can never lose what is truly already mine.

When I know this in my head & believe this in my heart, then making money & keeping money & sharing money won’t be hard or a challenge. It will be natural.

I am so happy & thankful this manifestation is already done & on the way.

What does your manifestation look like? Let me know in the comments below, and thanks for spending some of your Sunday with me, dear readers. I appreciate you being here, and I send you good vibes for a wonderful week.

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