clearing resistance

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“Every day holds the possibility of a miracle.”

Elizabeth David

While the 2020s haven’t felt like this so far, there’s a deep part of you that knows this quote is true, that knows you yourself are a miracle.

You might resist the idea of your miraculous nature even more than the miracle that is a Friday, but that’s only because it’s easier to resist and stay in a zone of comfort than it is to branch out into the unknown realm of discomfort.

I promise you resistance will do more damage than discomfort ever did – that’s why it’s called growing pains.

For today’s prompt from Five Minutes in the Morning, picture a life without resistance. What does that look like? How does that make you feel? There are no wrong answers here, just imagine what your life could be if you allowed it to be the boundless miracle that it is.

Here’s what I wrote:

I rise refreshed early enough to work with my mind & my body.

I write every day & I also provide value to people. I love helping people & I’ve learned to separate my grandiose narcissism from the desire to help people – & I feel good. I feel good in my routine, but can be flexible. In fact, I’m more flexible than I’ve ever been, & not just in a physical sense, but in a mental sense, too.

God goes with me wherever I go. While I was resistant to this idea @ first, I’ve cleared the dogmatic clutter associated with the concept of God.

I understand words have limitations, but feeling and energy do not, & as such I set the intention each day to live as a being of love & light, to let the love & light that is already deep within me out into the world each day, & I am so happy & thankful it is so.

My friends love & support me, & I can be myself around them – my dopey, lovey, woowoo-y self, & any other self I can perceive of.

We are all connected, we share the same Spirit. It just wears different human suits.

Have a wonderful weekend, dear readers! I hope it is filled with peace, happiness and lovingkindness.

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