clear the clutter

concentrated woman carrying stack of cardboard boxes for relocation

“Out of the clutter, find simplicity.”

– Albert Einstein

It can feel like we’re suffocating when the dining room table has become a catch-all for everything but food. A bedroom floor piled with discarded clothes can feel like walking through a field of landmines. If our space is messy, life tends to feel messy.

How do we clean up life? By cleaning up the space in which we live.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you should start with a big project like the overstuffed shelves in your garage. That’s setting yourself up for failure. Chances are, you’ll take one look at them and feel more overwhelmed than when you started. Then, the mental clutter will pile up even higher.

Instead, pick a room. Choose a surface in that room. Set a timer for five minutes and tidy until the timer goes off. It’s like doing a ten-second tidy 30 times over.

Protip: Don’t just stuff everything under your couch cushions. You could end up goosing yourself later when you sit down.

Pick a different surface tomorrow and do it again.

When our space is in order our minds will be in order as well. That’s why I make the bed each morning as soon as I get out of it. That, and because no matter what else I do – or don’t do – during the day, I know that at least I made my bed.

I know there was no writing prompt in today’s post, but it’s Monday, and I wanted to take it easy on you.

I wish you a tidy week, dear readers. May it be filled with only love and light!

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