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Happy Saturday, dear readers! I hope the first full week of 2021 has been kind to you.

Today’s prompt from Five Minutes in the Morning is a delightful one, and is one of my favorites so far, probably because it combines alphabetizing and clearing the mind for the day ahead.

Think of a noun for every letter of the alphabet. You can also use cities or foods. I chose cities because I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t have made it past N without running out and getting some nacho fries from Taco Bell.

Nacho fries aren’t the only thing I’m craving after watching this

What else could you list alphabetically? Books? Bands? Parts of the body? Ice cream flavors? There are no wrong answers here! Just list things for five minutes, or until you run out of letters.

Thanks for stopping by on your way to enjoying the weekend, dear readers. I appreciate you.

  1. Annapolis
  2. Boston
  3. Chicago
  4. Detroit
  5. Edmonton
  6. Fairfax
  7. Gainesville
  8. Houston
  9. Ithaca
  10. Jacksonville
  11. Kensington (all right, not a city, but a Philly neighborhood, and I’m counting it!)
  12. Lincoln
  13. Manassas
  14. Norfolk
  15. Oklahoma City
  16. Penn Hills (all right, this is a township – still counts!)
  17. Quebec City
  18. Roswell
  19. State College (okay, okay, this is a municipality so maybe you can split hairs about it)
  20. Toronto
  21. Uniontown
  22. Vancouver
  23. Washington
  24. Xeter (yeah, I definitely cheated here and misspelled Exeter, but I couldn’t think up any cities that star with X)
  25. Youngstown
  26. Zootopia (this is a bustling metropolis with its own DMV so I don’t want to hear about it, especially if you live in Zanzibar City)

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