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Once again, Five Minutes in the Morning suggests something I’ve already been doing. I must be on the right track! Validation!

It’s no secret that cell phones kill our attention span, so the next time you’re sitting in traffic, or waiting in line, or have any spare time, instead of checking your phone, take three deep breaths. Concentrate on nothing but the sensation of your breathing. This is an excellent way to relax and recenter.

Inhale deep into the belly, feeling your stomach and ribs expand. Inhale as much air as you can – the world is not lacking air. When you feel like you’ve gotten in all you can, try to get in a lil more.

Then, hold it for three seconds.

Exhale as slowly as you can after the three seconds, making sure to let every bit of breath go.

Repeat twice more with the same three-second hold between inhale and exhale. Then, notice how you feel.

silhouette of man sitting on grass field at daytime
You don’t have to be in a field to do this; you can literally do it anywhere.

How do you feel? I promise you this simple act will clear your mind and allow you to refocus on what’s going on around you. I predict you won’t even want to check your phone after doing this. If you do, it will likely be to text or call a friend or loved one to tell them you’re thinking about them.

Here’s what I wrote as I was breathing (although I advise you to just focus on the breathing for now):


Tension in my solar plexus, like a block I can’t breathe past.


Like I have nothing to let go.


The air travels past my overgrown nose hairs.


Horripilation scuttles up my left arm.


Light glows behind my eyes.


I’m able to breathe over the block in my chest.

Happy Friday, dear readers! I wish you a weekend full of peace and alignment.

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