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cup of coffee and spoon of table

“The true secret to happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.”

William Morris

This is the first prompt from Five Minutes in the Morning in the section labeled “Clearing the Way.” The next several entries will be about decluttering your mind.

When our minds are clear, we’re able to be fully present in the moment. When we let go of the unhelpful loop of attack thoughts running in our minds and practice mindfulness, we energize our brain by fostering a sense of positive well-being. When our mind is clear of clutter – clear of the things that stress us – we can make better decisions.

Achieving a state of mindfulness is a simple process of making the conscious decision to stop and take notice of the present moment around you. This is only challenging if you’re someone who’s been running on autopilot for your entire life (read: most of us).

Fortunately, here are three (!) prompts to help you draw your attention to the everyday little things that make up your life. My response to the second prompt is included below.

  1. When you wake up, stay in bed and spend five minutes just looking at your bedroom. Notice the pictures on the wall, the pieces of furniture and the way the light filters through the curtains.
  2. Go out into the yard, stand on the balcony, or just open a window. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of the morning.
  3. Make yourself a cup of coffee and take five minutes to drink it. Do nothing else, simply be aware of how the cup feels in your hand, breathe in the aroma and savor the taste.

The day sounds like the shore.

Sirens sound in the distance. Tires tap the seams in the road. Crows squawk loudly, demanding attention. Hearing anything over them is almost impossible.

A train whistles somewhere far away. Still the tires tap. More sirens, and the crows pop in & out. An engine roars.

A tiny bird chirps now, happily auditioning for my attention. The train’s brakes scream as it rounds a corner. The day is populated with these & a dozen other sounds I’ll never know.

The bird is joined by her friend.

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