describe one of the best moments of your life

brown and green grass field during sunset

“Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.”

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

Maybe it’s because I write, but I love moments.

In the past, I’ve allowed my obsession with curating perfect moments to overshadow the real life moments that are actually happening right in front of me.

Real life will A L W A Y S be better than anything you can imagine simply because it IS real, it exists.

When we set aside our preconceived ideas about how something should play out, we make space for allowing what will be to be. When we’re in that space, we’re able to notice all the good things in our life. Noticing good things leads to fostering positive thoughts and feelings, which in turn leads to happiness.

Today’s prompt from Five Minutes in the Morning encourages you to take note of one the good things by remembering one of the best moments of your life. Interestingly enough, the moment I wrote about for this prompt is one I’d journaled about before. I’ve included both below:

It was an undie ride in August, the last Thursday of the month.

It had been a hot day, but now that the sun was setting it was perfect out. We were coming down Penn & the city glowed like diamonds in front of us. My favorite bridge – the 16th Street Bridge – was to our right. Beyond it, the clouds were struggling to hide the sun. The last rays of the day burst thru. Everything looked so vivid, & the air was warm & the perfect song was coming from the guy pulling the huge speaker on a cart.

Time seemed to slow, as if it knew that this was a moment to savor.

I can still see the dark blue and warm orange sky. I can still feel the way my mouth curled into a stupidly satisfied grin.

It was enough.

And here’s what I wrote about the moment on August 31, 2018:

I wanted to write about how fun last night was – about how amazing it felt riding down Penn – coasting, actually. The wind whipped past, but it wasn’t cold. The city stood in hazy brilliance. I felt happy. The sun was warm as it shone on the 16th Street Bridge, & we later rode across it.

Happy first Monday of 2021, dear readers! May it be filled with memorable moments.

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