what energizes you?

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What makes you feel like you can conquer K2, filet a fish and darn socks all before noon? Is it an activity (or activities)? What about a person (or people)?

For five minutes, make a list of the people you see and things you do regularly. You can start with “I feel most energized when…” Mark the ones that give you an energy boost. Then, look at anything you didn’t mark. Is there anyone on that list who’s an energy vampire (like Colin Robinson)? Any activities that bring you down? What can you do to change the situation?

Protip: don’t be a Colin Robinson.

Here’s what I wrote. Some of these are hilariously narcissistic, and now that I’m aware of them I can keep an eye on them.

I feel most energized when…

…I’m biking, running, doing any kind of exercise.

…I get to bed early & get up early.

…I’m dancing, driving & listening to music, or playing or making music.

…I’m creating.

…I’m vibing with people. [I then listed two people who I vibe particularly well with; two of my oldest friends. I then thought of the people I see the most, and while they don’t necessarily energize me, they don’t do anything to directly impede my energy, either.]

…I pick up trash.

…I get to be around people by choice & we’re doing something I like.

…I get to be in charge.

…I know people will submit to me.

…I’m seducing someone.

…I take a cold shower or go on a run in the cold.

…I finish watching a movie I love.

…I’m in the sun.

What about you? Were there any items on your list that surprised you? Anything you hadn’t considered changing? I know with the way things are in the world it might be difficult to change who you’re around, but just being aware of how those people make you feel is a good start. Awareness is the key to e v e r y t h i n g.

Remember, you might not always be able to change your situation, but you can always change your perception. It’s just a matter of choosing to see things differently.

Happy Sunday, dear readers!

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