the seven spiritual laws of success – part ii: the law of giving & receiving

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If you’ve got an hour and a half to spare, you can listen to Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success: A Practical Guide to Fulfilling Your Dreams in its entirety. Over the next seven Fridays, I’ll break down the seven spiritual laws of success and discuss ways to implement them. The second spiritual law of success is the Law of Giving and Receiving.

I used to love Christmastime.

Nothing made me happier than giving gifts. “Santa’s Workshop” would be set up in the cafeteria or gymnasium and be filled with tables of inexpensive baubles. I made a list of friends and family and happily checked off each name as I procured a change purse or a sheet of stickers or a book. However, the Christmas after my dad’s brain injury, he had his first heart attack. Something of the joyousness of Christmas was shaded with sadness as I waited in garland-strung hallways of the hospital. I realize now that I’m focusing on the negative and discounting years of happy Christmases, and that I don’t have to focus on the negative. I can choose, in each moment, what I focus on. I’m grateful that I’m beginning to receive that message

Speaking of receiving – and awkward segues – the second of the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (affiliate) by Deepak Chopra is the law of giving and receiving. This law is pretty self-explanatory, but I’mma explain it anyway.

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I promise it’s 100% less complicated than Mrs Clause here makes it seem

Chopra states that your energy is an expression of cosmic energy. Giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of this energy. The more you give, the more it will return to you because you keep the abundance of the Universe circulating in your life. What goes up must come down, and all that jazz. The return will always be directly proportional to the giving because you are in constant dynamic exchange with the Universe. Nothing is static.

However, when you stop the circulation of energy it’s like stopping the flow of blood. And that’s never good. Clotting happens, limbs fall off, it’s a whole thing. A lot of us stop the circulation by holding on to what we have, namely money.

If your only intention is to sit on your money, guarding it like a dragon, you’re stopping the flow and keeping that energy from circulating. Chopra calls money a symbol of the life energy we exchange and use as a result of the service we provide to the Universe. It’s important to remember that that’s all money is – a symbol we’ve all agreed has an arbitrary value. Like a river stagnates if it doesn’t flow, money begins to stagnate and can no longer support life if it’s held onto. Circulation keeps it alive and vital.

To get wealth, affluence, abundance or anything else you want, you must give and keep that energy circulating.


By making the commitment to put the law of giving and receiving into action, you are opening the dynamic exchange of the Universe. Here are three ways to start the process.

Give a Gift to Whoever You Encounter, Wherever You Go

Make the commitment to give something to e v e r y o n e you come into contact with. Now, if you’re stingy frugal like me, I know what you’re thinking: I’m gonna be bankrupt if I’m just giving everyone I meet something; I barely have enough for me. Here’s the dirty little secret – what you give does not have to be some material object. So much of the Universe is already immaterial. Compliment your barista’s sweet face mask, or send your bus driver a silent blessing wishing them to be filled with peace, happiness and lovingkindness (like I wish my audience at the close of each YouTube video). Silent wishes have the added benefit of focusing you on the other person in the interaction. This begins the process of circulating affluence in your life and in the life of others.

If you do have the means to give material objects, it doesn’t have to be big. Start small – a single flower or card can be a meaningful gift.

Gratefully Receive Life’s Gifts for YOU

The first light of morning, cool breezes on hot days, misting rains, the chorus of birds singing just for you, a beautiful sunset – these are freely given each day. Try to look at things without seeing them. By this I mean, look at a tree and forget everything your mind knows about it being a tree. Just see it as the miraculous gift of life that it is.

Outside of nature, be prepared to receive from others, whether it is material or immaterial. This is tough for me because I was raised to believe that anything given to me came with conditions, and if I didn’t appreciate it enough, I’d be guilted or shamed into feeling bad. A whole lot of “Look at all I’ve done for you, all I’ve sacrificed and this is how you thank me.” I understand now that this isn’t how gifts and love are supposed to be given, but it’s a challenge to rip up roots that run so deep.

Commit to Keep Wealth Circulating

Chopra says life’s most precious gifts are caring, affection, appreciation and love. These are the greatest forms of wealth. Each time you meet someone, wish them happiness, joy and laughter. Trust me, it feels good. And it’s a cheap gift!

And while we’re talking about giving, give yourself permission to be happy, joyful and filled with laughter. Every day is made better when you are being your full self. Each time you deny any part of your inherent goodness, you’re denying a part of the Universe. You’re choking off the circulation of abundance. You contain abundance, and it’s so great that I know it deserves to be shared, and we deserve to receive it.

So make like the 1975 and give yourself a try.

Check back next week for a review of the third spiritual law of success, the Law of Karma.

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