Waking soundtrack, vol. 6

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Music is so powerful! It can transport you forward or backward in time. It can change your mood in an instant. We don’t deserve music.

I often wake up with music going through my head. This isn’t just in the morning; my nocturnal stumbles to the bathroom are often soundtracked by some tune that I forget as soon as my head hits the pillow again. For my own amusement, I’ve kept track of the tracks (I see what I did there) I’ve woken up to playing in my mind – when I can remember them. Now, I’d like to share them with you.

This is my waking soundtrack for the week of August 31 – September 5.

August 31

Forbidden Friendship / John Powell

I love How to Train Your Dragon (affiliate, and below), and its soundtrack is one of the best scores written in the past decade. This film was on one of the televisions in Fudge Farm when I stopped in for my cheat day treat, and the classic test drive scene was playing. As soon as I finished my deliciously m a s s i v e milkshake, I got back on my bike and started a mix based on the film’s soundtrack. “Forbidden Friendship” popped up as I was waiting for my bus, and it popped up in my head as I woke. Then I promptly went back to sleep.

Ur So Gay / Katy Perry

Well this aged well! I have no idea where these old Katy Perry songs are coming from, or why they’re popping up now. I’m actually a lil sorry that I’m sharing them with you.


Little Talks / Of Monsters and Men

Icelandic indie pop – what’s not to love? This first single from their debut My Head Is an Animal hits differently now that I’m becoming more and more aware of the little talks I have with my brain. Here’s another band that put out an album (relatively) recently that I’ve yet to listen to. I know, I know, I’ll get to it eventually.


Walking On A Dream/ Empire of the Sun

I rolled over in the middle of the night and heard this song. I’ve never listened to these guys beyond this track. In fact, I’m not sure if I’ve ever even sought them out, but when I heard it playing I knew exactly the names of the title and band, and I think that’s wild. It’s kinda like how the Ewoks are never named in Return of the Jedi, but everyone knows who they are.

Savage Love / Jason Derulo & Jawsh 685

All right, so the real hero of this song is Jawsh 685 who provided the infectious beat known as “Laxed (Siren Beat)”. This “remix” pisses me off. Are we supposed to feel sorry for the singer here? He knows that the girl of his affections doesn’t care about him and is taking advantage of him, but he’s still simping around like a low-vibe loser. He even says she can use him. I expect better from Rum Tum Tugger.

The best part of this music video is the dog


I Wanna Get Better / Bleachers

And now for something completely different! This song was my first introduction to the wonder of Bleachers. It came up at random one day and it was one of those moments when I had to stop everything I was doing to really listen to the words and feel the music. I started crying, and each relisten never fails to produce goosepimples. This song came to me when I was in the midst of therapy, when my mantra very well could have been “I wanna get better.”

While betterment isn’t so much a destination as a journey, I’m happy to say I am better, better than the day I first heard this anyway.


Make Me Feel/ Janelle Monáe

I was first introduced to Monáe on fun.’s hit “We Are Young“, but I’ve kinda slept on her since. Which is a damn shame because this song slaps. I love the Prince vibe of this song; it always gets me groovin’.

Can we make polka dot lipstick a thing now?

This was a pretty good mix, and I hope you got some new music reccs, or this reminded you of some old faves. What songs were playing in your head this week? What’s your favorite Icelandic pop band? Do you wish you had a dragon to train? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a wonderful Sunday, dear reader. Remember: Be kind. Be well. Be yourself.

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