Journal nuggets, vol. 9

I cannot stress enough how important it is for writers to actually spend time EVERY day writing. Journaling is an easy way to do this. Set a timer and just write about whatever is on your mind!

I journal as soon as I wake up. First, I recount any dreams I can recall. Then, I list ten things I’m grateful for and set my intentions for the day. If I journal later, it’s usually to work out my anxieties, but sometimes I copy down something from lectures or books I’m listening to/reading. Sometimes I write down books or movies I want to check out. Sometimes poetry and haiku move through me.

Every Sunday, I reread my entries from the previous week. These are the nuggets of wisdom [citation needed] from the week of August 23 – August 29.


  • Everything has worked out in my favor today – everything is always working out in my favor. When I feel like it doesn’t, that is only true from my limited perspective. I am grateful for the awareness that everything is working in my favor.
  • “As the ocean waves, the Universe peoples.” – Alan Watts


  • [No nuggets, but I had two dreams. In the first I was at a train station, which feels significant as far as being in a place of transition. Or maybe it was just a reminder that YOU are the conductor of your brain train. In the second dream, I was covered with scarab-like insects and had to scrape them off me like barnacles on the hull of a ship. How strange!]


  • [My gratitude list for the day]
    1. Legs that bike
    2. A bike
    3. A store nearby
    4. The USPS
    5. Getting all my carbs in
    6. Off days because they offer contrast
    7. Taking time for myself
    8. The place to myself
    9. Learning to understand that when you let go of everything you can have it all
    10. This bed
    11. A place to live


  • [I started listening to The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle (affiliate, and below). I’m enjoying how its restructuring things in my brain]
    “When you listen to a thought you’re aware not only of the thought but also of yourself as the witness of the thought.” – Eckhart Tolle
  • [I took a four-day class and we talked about developing our SKEPT, which stands for Skills, Knowledge, Experience, Passion and Talent. I am going to be mindful of what these could be, and how I can integrate the both here and on my YouTube channel.]


  • “Your inner journey only has one step – the step you are taking right now. As you become more deeply aware of this one step you realize it already contains within itself all the other steps as well as the destination.” – Tolle
  • Thank you for another day to experience myself, Universe. Thank you for this doubt & misalignment because I know it points me to what I want.
    [It’s important to show gratitude for the things that don’t go your way as well as the things that do. I call this delighting in discomfort, and I talk about it in the video below.]


  • [I reconnected with an old friend and it was a delight. They reminded me of a time in high school when I ran past the cafeteria doing an impression of E.T. I’d forgotten about that probably since I’d done it, all those years ago.]
    It’s nice to have a friend who remembers me as I was. May I reintegrate that part of me. I know that kid is still here. May I be free.


  • “Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” – A Course in Miracles
  • Everyone knows something I don’t. If I want more knowledge I can get it. I know this feeling is impermanent. I know I’m reaching for better feeling thoughts.
  • What else is on my mind? I wish I could have spoken more [to other people at the protest, but to be fair, it’s not really a place to socialize]. I don’t know what stops me – my ego. It thinks no one will get me/appreciate me/understand me. This is a story that keeps me separate. NO THANK YOU!

Much like the last two weeks, I had more dreams than nuggets. Maybe I’ll suspend this for now and take more time to document my dreams. I’m excited to see how this site evolves as I do!

Happy Monday, dear reader. I wish you a week filled with peace, happiness and lovingkindness.

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