Journal nuggets, vol. 8

I cannot stress enough how important it is for writers to actually spend time EVERY day writing. Journaling is an easy way to do this. Set a timer and just write about whatever is on your mind!

I journal as soon as I wake up. First, I recount any dreams I can recall. Then, I list ten things I’m grateful for and set my intentions for the day. If I journal later, it’s usually to work out my anxieties, but sometimes I copy down something from lectures or books I’m listening to/reading. Sometimes I write down books or movies I want to check out. Sometimes poetry and haiku move through me.

Every Sunday, I reread my entries from the previous week. These are the nuggets of wisdom [citation needed] from the week of August 16 – August 22.


  • [Not much to report today, but I did write down a fragment of our dream wherein our illustrious commander in chief gave me a ride in a golf cart.]
  • To get what you want you have to be willing to do some things you’ve never done before.


  • [After meeting with a client, I was feeling the brunt of their dis-ease – damn my inner empath! Fortunately, I had my journal with me so I was able to write out what I was feeling. And! an almost-haiku moved through me.]
    I listened to another. I felt their sadness, their loneliness, their derailed brain train – & maybe that’s part of it, that my brain train doesn’t stop @ those defunct stations any longer, but yours runs around them, zipping back & forth between manic & depressive, & maybe the real sadness comes from knowing how fucking fragile we all are, & I remember how the thoughts can spiral down to tragic places & I don’t want anyone to fall as far as I did so maybe now I just want to be held, to feel another’s skin against mine, for someone to see me. & I know love is in me, I know my inner self sees me, but my inner self can’t cuddle me & is a terrible kisser. I can’t kiss my own lips – maybe that’s where the real sadness is, that I will always – not always – need someone to make this bed not so empty.
  • I miss you & I shouldn’t, but coming home to an empty bed leaves me feeling empty, maybe I should just change the sheets


  • [Another day with a lot of dreams, one in which my grandma came to visit me. I find this very interesting given my recent development of clairalience.]


  • [I recently realized that letting go of what doesn’t serve you – which I talk about in this video – includes the physical stuff in your life that doesn’t serve you. Everything you hold on to that you think you’ll need some day, all the clutter. Your external world is a reflection of your internal world.]


  • [More dreams, no nuggets 🙁 ]


  • [My gratitude list for the day]
    1. This bed
    2. A roof over my head
    3. Enough food
    4. Clothes to keep me warm
    5. Running water
    6. The ability to write
    7. The ability to hear music
    8. Leo New Moon rituals
    9. Dreams remembered
    10. A mind that creates such wonderful ideas
    11. Finding balance
  • “When you’re looking so hard to get on your path you’re putting up resistance that keeps you from finding it. Whenever you feel resistance, soothe it as best you can.” – Esther Hicks
  • [I copied down some notes about the Leo New Moon, which I talk about in the video below:]


  • I am desiring of the belief that I am the Universe experiencing a person. I know this is rue, but I want to feel it deeper.

Like last week, I had more dreams than nuggets. This may have to become a biweekly or monthly series. Oh well, this site was always meant to evolve with me!

Happy Tuesday, dear reader. Go buy a sheet of stamps.

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