The art of allowing: paddling upstream v downstream (videos)

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Over on my YouTube channel, I’ve been documenting some inty happenings with regard to my thoughts and emotions. It all started with being aware of an off day I was having.

Even though I was aware of the feelings, and I knew better days were ahead, that didn’t stop the off feelings from continually cropping up. At the very least, that awareness kept me from spiraling deeper into bad feelings.

However, as I later came to realize, those feelings of offness are signs that we are out of alignment with our inner wisdom (or the Source within, or the God inside, or your soul, or whatever you want to call it). No one wants to feel bad (obv), and when we do, we’re launching what Abraham Hicks calls rockets of desire toward better feelings.

So while I was feeling off, I was launching rockets of desire to more on feelings. I mention in the video that I knew tomorrow would be different, and that I like to say that over saying it will be better because it allows the day to be exactly what it needs to be.

And the next day did turn out to be better, offering some very important contrast.

While off days can be unpleasant, they are important because they provide us with a clear indication of the kind of days we want to have. We are able to more clearly launch rockets of desire toward the things we want, and we get a clearer picture of what is both in and out of alignment with our current standing. We can become aware of the thoughts we’re having that benefit us and the thoughts we have that do not.

These are called upstream and downstream thoughts, to borrow another term from Abraham.

Everything you could possibly ever want is already waiting for you downstream. We as humans have been raised to believe that the only way to get downstream is to paddle really hard and really fast. What that actually does is cause us to paddle upstream against the current of our desires. This conflict of desires is what causes the off days and unpleasant feelings, and there are two ways to resolve this conflict.

The first is to figure out what action you are taking that is causing you to paddle upstream and stop it. This is difficult because most of us aren’t aware of whatever action is causing the upstreampadding. We think action is the only way to get things done, and while this is a world of doing, it’s actually our thoughts that have the most power. Which brings me to the second way to resolve this internal conflict.

If you can’t readily figure out the behavior that’s causing the conflict, the easiest way is to just stop paddling. To allow the art of allowing to bring you to everything you want in life.

All right, so maybe that’s not so easy because of how we are wired. We think hard work is the only way to get things done. But have you ever tried letting go into the flow? Have you ever tried trusting that the Universe has your back and everything that is happening – even the situations you perceive as unwanted or unpleasant – are working toward your highest good and are simply preparing you for everything that you’ve asked?

I know it’s hard to not do, and that’s partly why I was so surprised when I realized that the art of allowing works.

To achieve something you’ve never had you must be willing to do something you’ve never done. Allow the stream of the Universe to carry you to what it is you want.

Try releasing your oars today.

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