Waking soundtrack, vol. 3

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I don’t think my love of music is unique. Music is powerful! It can transport you forward or backward in time. It can change your mood in an instant. We don’t deserve music.

I often wake up with music going through my head. This isn’t just in the morning; my nocturnal stumbles to the bathroom are often soundtracked by some tune that I forget as soon as my head hits the pillow again. For my own amusement, I’ve kept track of the tracks (I see what I did there) I’ve woken up to playing in my mind. Now, I’d like to share them with you.

This is my waking soundtrack for the week of August 10 – August 16.

August 10

Some Nights / fun.

Despite the grammatical annoyance of their name, fun. is such a great band! I’m so grateful I was able to see them when they came to Pittsburgh almost a decade ago. I’ve been revisiting their albums Aim & Ignite and Some Nights (affiliates) recently. They’re musical balms, reminding me of a time before everything felt like it was on unsteady ground. This one popped into my head as I stumbled my way to the bathroom.

I remember the day this music video came out
hot girl bummer / blackbear

I didn’t know the title or the artist of this song until I looked it up for this post. Also, as I’m typing this and listening to it, I think this is the first time I’ve heard it all the way through. It’s fine, I guess.


Take Your Time (Coming Home) / fun.

I told you I’d been on a fun. kick recently. They really were the closest we had to a modern version of Queen.

If you love somebody, you’d better let them know


Deep Blue / The Midnight

Another mid-night stumble to the bathroom. Maybe I should stop drinking so much water before bed. This song is pretty darn good, but it reminds me of someone I’d rather not think about anymore so that knocks it down a few spots. Check out this fun lyric video tho!

Comeback / Carly Rae Jepsen feat. Bleachers

Can you believe it’s been eight years since Carly Rae first asked us to call her, maybe? Remember when she did that song with Owl City? Remember when Owl City was a thing? This song is just about as perfect as a song can get, but then again Bleachers (and Jack Antonoff, who is one-third of the band fun.) instantly elevate any song. I maintain most of Taylor Swift’s best songs are the ones that Antonoff had a hand in writing or producing, and I’m excited to hear Bleacher’s next album (whenever it comes out).

This song makes me believe in things I forgot I stopped believing in.

My grandma had some curtains that looked like those pants


When I Get to The Border / She & Him

This cover from M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel actually predates their tenure as She & Him; it was used as an end titles song for the little-seen indie The Go-Getter. The song popped into my head while I was running around on Tuesday, and it was nice to wake to it today.

I used to have the BIGGEST crush on Zooey. Those eyes! <3


The Comeback Kid / The Midnight

Two songs from The Midnight in one week! It’s hard to pick a favorite from a band that has so many greats (“Sunset,” “Gloria,” “Los Angeles,” “WeMoveForward,” “Light Years,” “Memories,” … I’ll stop before I just start listing their entire discography), but this one holds a special place in my heart. I think we’ve all been the comeback kid at some point – who amongst us hasn’t felt like “a screen door in a thunderstorm” (hi, 2020)? The lyrics, the music, the whole feeling of the song is perfectly packaged in a way that resonates with something inside of me that I’m not sure I even fully understand yet.

That’s what’s so great about music. It allows you to feel things you don’t understand from the safety of your headphones.

I’ve made mistakes & I’ve been hard hit / I say so what, so what if I did? / I’m the clear-eyed, I’m the comeback kid

Of all the weird shit my brain does, this is one thing I like the most. Now, if I could just permanently shut down all the negative self-talk we’d be golden.

I hope you got some new music reccs, dear reader, or this reminded you of some old faves. What songs were playing in your head this week? Do you think we’ll ever get another album from fun.? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a wonderful Sunday, and remember: Be kind. Be well. Be yourself.

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