Journal nuggets, vol. 6

I cannot stress enough how important it is for writers to actually spend time EVERY day writing. Journaling is an easy way to do this. Set a timer and just write about whatever is on your mind!

I journal as soon as I wake up. First, I recount any dreams I can recall. Then, I list ten things I’m grateful for and set my intentions for the day. If I journal later, it’s usually to work out my anxieties, but sometimes I copy down something from lectures or books I’m listening to/reading. Sometimes I write down books or movies I want to check out. Sometimes poetry and haiku move through me.

Every Sunday, I reread my entries from the previous week. These are the nuggets of wisdom [citation needed] from the week of August 2 – August 8.


  • My brain feels like it wants to overthink today, but that’s just because it’s tired.
  • It’s amazing how easy it is to let go of my brain & thoughts now that I’ve been practicing.


  • Sat out in the sun, feeling tension in my upper chest & throat. Lessens as I write this. What most needs to be felt? The idea to watch the Hail, Satan? (affiliate) documentary.
    Me: Okay, so Bart, whats up? You were hurting me Bart.
    [Bart is the name we decided to name my brain. His full name is Bartholomew, but never Barty. When Bart moves through me, my handwriting is small and light]
    Bart: You ignored me.
    M: So I should just stop whatever I’m doing every time I feel this pressure?
    B: If you can.
    M: All right Bart. But be patient with me. & when I do I’d like you to make it clear what it is you need. Can you do that for me?
    B: I can’t promise that. I want you to suffer.
    M: Is that kind?
    B: No, but I don’t care.
    M: Well, you know we only suffer from the stories of what we tell ourselves.
    [later, while I was watching the documentary, Bart started pestering me again]
    M: All right Bart, I’m trying to watch this.
    B: This is bad. You’re going to go to hell.
    M: That’s not my belief. Hell is being unconscious, unaware. This is me exploring something I’m drawn to. More knowledge is never a bad thing. May I resume?
    B: Post the post.
    M: Ugh, fine. But you need to let go of my chest.
    B: I will.
    [I published the post]
    M: Well Bart, you did let go.
    B: Posting was part of work. I don’t know why you hesitate to post after you finish. Start seeing the social media part as the final step. And diversify your posts. You’ve already fallen into a rut.
    M: I can get out @ any time. [Bart may be on to something here. I’ll work on being more present over here. I’ve just been devoting a lot of myself to my YouTube channel]


  • Is concrete poured with the understanding that one day it will crack? [this was just a thought I had, but it’s almost a haiku!]
  • Me: Bart, what is it?
    Bart: I wanted to sleep more.
    M: Why?
    B: Because I’m tired of changing. Changing is exhausting.
    M: You’re right. I’m sorry. This is a two-way street.
    B: At least until I learn to quiet.
    M: I don’t want you anymore, & that must feel bad.
    [Bart stopped talking to me after that.]
  • Leaves rustle in the cool august wind reminding that rest is essential for life [another almost-haiku!]


  • Missing someone is focusing on the past, on a story when you were with them. All we have is right now. Remember the lessons.
  • [my gratitude list for the day]
    1. Peaceful protests
    2. Rides home
    3. Rain
    4. The fact that the rain did not deter us
    5. Pretzels manifested
    6. Smokey [my roommate’s dog]
    7. Changing perspectives
    8. Connecting with people
    9. The full moon light
    10. The light coming in right now


  • [Not much to write for this day, but I did manifest peas, which I talk about in this video, and I was v excited about it]
    I manifested peas! I am so happy & thankful I did that! There is abundance all around me! I just have to match my vibration to that which I want. The Universe is not lacking anything I want. The Universe is not lacking cars or friends or money & I am so happy & thankful it is so.


  • [In meditation today I had a wonderful moment of awareness, which I talk about here, and I wanted to write down what I could about it]
    The I AM presence is above the observer. If we take ourselves to be the observer, there is something higher than ourselves which we can observe. That presence is a blanket of light, soft & eternal. It will exist without the observer. It is love & light. Any other emotion comes from the observer & it is not part of the I AM presence. THANK YOU FOR THIS REALIZATION! I AM SO GRATEFUL! The moment meditating today when I felt & saw & became aware of the I AM presence was so amazing. Thank you, I am so happy & grateful I experienced that. I am desiring of the belief that I don’t need to have it again to know that it’s there. Thank you spirit guides. Gracias guías espirituales. [sometimes I write in Spanish to really drive home a point and get another part of my mind thinking about it]


  • [I saw some words in my dreams that I talk about in this video:]
  • Sleepy & Bart is acting up, but that may just be because I’m actively trying to change. I don’t want this to become an issue every time I try to improve, but @ least I am aware.

There were more dreams than nuggets of wisdom this week, and maybe that’s why it took me so long to get this out. Maybe I felt like I had nothing of value to offer. But at the very least, these words are honest.

Happy humpday, dear reader. I hope the rest of your week is filled with ease and comfort.

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