Waking soundtrack, vol. 1

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I don’t think my love of music is unique. Music is powerful. It can transport you forward or backward in time. It can change your mood in an instant. We don’t deserve music.

I often wake up with music going through my head. This isn’t just in the morning; my nocturnal stumbles to the bathroom are often soundtracked by some tune that I forget as soon as my head hits the pillow again. For my own amusement, I’ve kept track of the tracks I’ve woken up to playing in my mind. Now, I’d like to share them with you.

I forgot to write down the song some of the days – or maybe one wasn’t playing in my head – but here’s my waking soundtrack for the week of July 27 – August 2.


Dance Monkey / Tones and I

This song started playing in a dream. When I heard it, I turned into Pennywise from Stephen King’s It and started dancing for a room of toddlers. They were into it, giggling as I booped their noses. I didn’t get the impression I wanted to feast on their fear, which I think is a good thing.


Your Light / The Big Moon
Girls on bikes and puppets in baskets – what’s not to love?


Sunseeker / The Naked and Famous
This song is a bop

July 31

Prom Night / The Midnight

It’s so beautiful when a new song you love starts to nestle itself into the grooves of your brain. My second time through The Midnight’s latest album, Monsters, a few more songs jumped out as potential favorites, but this is still the top track rn.

God, when he sings “Hold her hand” I just feel everything

Listening to it as I walked to the cemetery to record this video I had some ideas about unifying a new story with one that’s been gestating for a few years, firmly cementing this track in my heart.


Dance with Somebody / The Midnight
Life’s too short to dance by yourself


Daybreak / Michael Haggins

Thanks Community

Of all the weird shit my brain does, this is one thing I’ll never get tired of. I hope you got some new music reccs, and I hope you enjoy this series! I’ll be posting these on Sundays instead of the usual Journal nuggets. Look for those on Mondays now.

Happy Sunday, dear reader. Be kind. Be well. Be yourself.

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